Our CreditPro Realty Investor Program helps Real Estate Investors raise credit scores to purchase investment property with credit lines. This program provides accelerated results for Investors that are applying for a mortgage loan, and are looking to achieve higher credit scores that are vital for better interest rates, and a successful loan process.

Step 1 : Introduction to Credit Education

Clients enrolled in the CreditPro Realty Investor program are introduced to credit education, to understand how to manage and improve their personal credit. 

The “CreditPro Realty Investor” program is a step-by-step process that will build the Client’s credit with positive record of accounts to achieve higher credit scores and a better credit report, compared to the previous credit history that the Client previously had — this process happens by educating the Client in credit and finance, providing authorized user tradelines, connecting Clients to a Realtor (if needed), and providing Client with a Realty Investor Mentor to quickly achieve investment property financing. 

Step 2 : Authorized User Tradelines

Authorized User Tradelines is used in the CreditPro Realty Investor program to further boost credit scores, Clients are assigned Authorized User Tradelines that will give credit scores the quick fix needed to apply for mortgages, auto loans or anything else that you might need a quick credit score boost for! 

In essence, Clients that are enrolled in the CreditPro Realty Investor program, are taught about Authorized User Tradelines, and then become an authorized user on an already established, long-running tradeline with a perfectly paid account. That Client then gains the benefits of having that line of credit on their account. It’s a perfectly legal and transparent service that is utilized in credit services all over the world.

By piggybacking onto a positive line of credit that has a high limit and satisfactory payments, you can accrue higher credit scores in a short amount of time and utilize it to open positive lines of credit and continue to boost your own credit!

Step 3 : Discover Investment Property & Realtor

Our Clients enrolled in the CreditPro Realty Investor program have the option to be paired with a Realtor that can assist Investors in the market, when they are searching for properties to buy.

We have a network of Realtors for Investors and Families  looking to buy their next home.

Available Cities: Houston, TX

Step 4: Build Business Credit, Funding

 Client utilizes Authorized User Tradelines to expedite building of Business Credit and Funding. This process is specifically engineered by our company to have a positive impact on your credit history.

While, tradelines do not operate as a new line of credit for you to use, they will allow you to apply for home loans, personal loans and credit cards with all the benefits that would come from having that line of credit on your record! This is especially helpful if you’re just beginning to have credit or are applying for a larger loan or credit lines without established prior credit. 

Jordan Smith

CreditPro Realty Expert

” We can provide you with a step-by-step process to quickly build Business Credit to finance a new investment property. Our program will help prepare you to purchase a new investment property in less than 3 months, we will help you get guaranteed approval. ” 


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