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CreditPro Realty - Program

CreditPro Realty” program was created as a service to build business credit scores quickly for a Real Estate Investor looking to attain investment funding to purchase realty investment property. For best results, credit report should be cleaned of negative items before purchasing any business-builder programs. Request a free consultation here >

Business Builder - Program

CreditPro Business Builder ” program was created as service to help clients become Business Owners, this program helps to incorporate a new business, build business credit, and attain business funding in a few months, we also help you monitor your business credit. For best results, your credit report should be cleaned of negative items before purchasing any business-builder programsRequest a free consultation here >



Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Your Services Cost?

Our Credit Repair, Bankruptcy, and Foreclosure plans are affordable with a low monthly fee starting at $104/month, and one-time setup fee of $95. Also, we ask that you keep SmartCredit open for credit monitoring for us to manage your credit profile which is only $29.95 per month. We love helping Clients achieve their credit goals, please schedule a free consultation today. 

Is Credit Repair Legal?

Yes! Ethical credit repair companies utilize 100% legal strategies to improve your credit profile. We pride ourselves in being an active member of The National Association of Credit Services Organizations.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to schedule a free consultation or call 702-989-7337 today. During your free Consultation, you will need to be front of a computer, we will walk-thru your Credit profile and review all 3 credit reports Equifax, Experian, and Transunion credit bureaus using the, our trained FICO Credit Specialist will review your credit profile and help you choose the best CreditPro Plan to achieve higher credit scores, most of our Clients see their credit scores go from the 500’s to 700’s in only months. 

How Many Months To Repair My Credit?

Our credit repair program is designed to take about 6-7 months depending on what’s on the Clients credit report. While the majority of our clients finish in this time, sometimes variables outside of our control can affect your timeline (although rare). Most companies take years to accomplish what we can do for our Clients in months. Get started today raising your credit score by calling 702-989-7337 ... 

How Much Are Your Business-Builder Programs?

For the Business Builder program and CreditPro Realty Investor Program, it is a one-time fee; and payment plans are also coming soon for our business-builder programs. Ready to get started? You can request a quote here to get started with one of our business-builder programs.

How Can "CreditPro Realty Investor” Program Help Me?

Our CreditPro Realty Investor Program educates and services Real Estate Investors in how to attain funding to purchase Investment Property with Business Credit, we help Clients quickly build their business credit to finance investment properties. For best results, CreditPro Realty Investor business-builder program should be purchased after cleaning personal credit report. You can request a quote here to get started.

How Can "Business Builder” Program Help Me?

Our Business Builder Program expediates business-building for Clients starting a new business. In months, Clients attain new business knowledge that includes business incorporation, business credit, and business funding.  Through the Business Builder Program, Business Credit is built in 3-6 months to provide the opportunity of business funding, many businesses come to us to help build and develop lines of credit that will serve their companies for years to come. You can request a quote to get started or learn more here about our Business Builder program.

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