Identity Theft & Credit Repair

If you have been a victim of identity theft and your credit report has been damaged, check out the below tips that will help:


1. Fraud Alert on your Credit Reports: You should immediately put a fraud alert on your credit reports. This opens up an opportunity for you to dispute fraudulent items on the reports that may be directly linked to the identity theft.


2. Contact one of the Credit Bureaus: The good news is you only need to contact one of the agencies to do this. There are three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) and once you contact one of them, they will tell the other two on your behalf. 


3. Obtain a Copy of your Credit Report: After you have created the fraud alert be sure to obtain a copy of your report (you are entitled to a free copy every 12 months). Then once you have reviewed the report you can begin the process of disputing any fraudulent items. The fraud alert will stay in place for 90 days at no cost to you.


 4. Security Freeze on your Credit Report: You can also put a security freeze on your credit reports if you have been the victim of identity theft but bear in mind this means creditors cannot access your report at all (so you would automatically be denied a new loan, for example).


 5. Clean up your Credit Report: You can repair your own credit, try our Credit Repair Kit, or consult with a Credit Counseling professional to get a personalized plan for your situation. 



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