Our Business Builder Program offers Clients business education that provides a step-by-step process in attaining new business knowledge that includes business incorporation, business credit, and business funding. We will help your business get incorporated for FREE, only pay state fees! Whether your Business is growing or your business is just getting started, we can help your business with the Business Builder Program.

Step 1 - Evaluate Business Goals, Incorporate

We will discuss your business goals to determine a plan of action for building your Business, such as business credit, business funding, equipment leasing, real estate, etc. Also, if you need to setup a LLC, we will help for free, only pay state fees! Following a plan of action, we provide 90 days of one-on-one coaching.


Step 2 - Establish Business Identity

We help companies enrolled in the Business Builder program establish a business identity with a Duns and Bradstreet profile and DUNS number if client does not already have one. Establish business identity with major business bureaus. The length of time is determined by business bureaus.

Next, we get your company compliant-ready with free business listings ( 411 directory, yellow pages, super pages ) and updated business information, this will increase approvals and credit limits enabling lenders to locate client’s business – this makes lenders comfortable lending to a business without any previous credit history.


Step 3 : Achieve 80 Paydex Score

Your business will be taken through our exclusive, multi-tiered credit builder system to build your credit quickly and efficiently. Pre-screened, customized, and updated credit vendor lists are available at every tier.

Clients enrolled in our program are provided with a software that walks them through the comprehensive steps of business credit education, that’s designed to generate an 80 Paydex Score for your business, equivalent to an A+ rating.

Step 4 : Business Credit Monitor

We set up Free Credit Monitoring for our clients to track business finance reports, while educating the client to keep business credit in good standing. 

We will continue to monitor your business credit for up to 6 months. 


Step 5 : Apply for Business Funding

In this step, your company is now ready to attain business funding, we will consult with the business owner through this process according to the unique business builder plan of action that was developed in “Step One”.


( Min requirements – 680 FICO Score on personal credit and Verifiable Income )

Business Credit

Business credit isn’t something many entrepreneurs think of when starting or growing their business. Business credit is something every business needs. Business lines of credit allow you to add inventory, expand your operations, hire more staff, unexpected expenses, and more. Our business credit experts can help you step-by-step develop a business credit profile to gain access to business credit of up to $100,000 or more. 

As your business grows, so does it’s need for working capital. We can help you build your business from startup to growing, and help you get approved for business funding, so you can get back to doing what you love.

David Lee

Business Builder Expert

” We can provide you with Business Development and Business Credit to separate your personal credit from your business. Through our unique process, we compress the normal 4-6 years to establish business identity and business credit down to only 4 months.. If you need $20K to $200k or more in business funding, “Request A Quote” by clicking button below, we can help your business.


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Stephanie Z. ~ Miami, FL

” CreditPro Studio helped my business qualify for $76,000 in business funding. I purchased the Business Builder Plan. Thanks CreditPro Studio!☺”

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