CreditPro Studio

CreditPro Studio offers finance education and credit counseling services.

CreditPro Studio’s products and programs help those that need help raising their credit scores; those looking to purchase a home or car; victims of identity theft; post-bankruptcy clients; and post-foreclosure clients.

Our Team

The CreditPro Studio Team is ready to help you achieve your personal or business credit goals!

Our team includes Bankruptcy Relief Experts, Realty Experts, Account Manager, and Credit Repair Specialists that are certified FICO professionals that provide their expertise and 5-star customer service, as they guide Clients in their credit repair and credit building process. 

Katie Yeung

CreditPro Business Expert

Jordan Smith

CreditPro Realty Expert

Celine Marie

CreditPro Partners

Natasha Carter

CreditPro Bankruptcy Expert

Jennifer Holand

CreditPo Repair Specialist

Sarah Taylor

CreditPro Repair Specialist