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What Makes Us The Best Credit Repair and Business Program on Google?

Our Clients love our results-based program that’s now offered Nationwide! Only pay a small monthly fee to clean up your credit report and finally have good credit. Also, our Clients enjoy the level of attention and care we put into improving their credit scores with our services and educational programs.

CreditPro Studio offers credit repair services and score-builder programs to educate and help raise credit scores..

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Low Monthly Fees.

Our Credit Repair service offers monthly plans that are affordable for any budget.


Business Builder Program

CreditPro Studio’s Business Builder Program helps new companies get incorporated and build business credit with A+ credit rating, when new companies and entrepreneurs sign up for our score-builder program Business Builder Program.

Bankruptcy Plan

CreditPro Studio offers a credit repair service for individuals challenged with bankruptcy called the “Bankruptcy Relief Plan”, the plan removes Bankruptcy and other negative items from credit report.

FDCPA Attorney Network

Do you get harassment calls from Creditors that you stop paying? If yes, call us, we can stop those Creditor calls, get your debt waived, have the account deleted from your credit report, and you could get paid a settlement.

Best In-Class Customer Support

Our team provides awesome Customer Service support through Chat and Email with an immediate or next day response time. Clients can also access support through their client portal.

Foreclosure Plan

CreditPro Studio offers a credit repair service for individuals challenged with foreclosure called the “Foreclosure Relief Plan”, the plan removes Foreclosures, Short Sales, and other negative items from credit report.

FREE Credit Review

Our Clients can request to have their credit report analyzed at anytime during their plan. The Account Manager will have the Clients’ credit report analyzed and then provide a Step-By-Step Credit Checklist that will provide the best credit solutions to achieve good credit, and achieve the Clients’ unique credit goals.

Realty Investor Program

CreditPro Studio’s Realty Investor Program assists Real Estate Investors achieve high credit scores to purchase investment property with credit lines, Real Estate Investors also receive better interest rates on their mortgage loan for investment property when they sign up for the score-builder program  “Realty Investor Program” 

Strategies For Advanced Items

Our team provides credit repair methods that can delete any type of negative item from an individual’s credit report.

In-House Home Buyer Consultants

We have a network of Realtors and Home Buyer Consultants for individuals, couples, and families looking to buy their next home.

Step By Step Credit Repair Plan

Our Credit Repair Specialist will develop a Step-By-Step Plan to get your credit report in good standing and raise your credit score.

Track Progress Online 24/7

Clients can go to the Client Portal and login to stay updated with their credit report’s progress and submit any documents requested for their credit repair plan.

Account Manager

CreditPro Studio provides each Client with a dedicated Account Manager. Clients can speak with their Account Manager via Text or Schedule an appointment to discuss their plan.

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Stephanie Z. ~ Miami, FL

“CreditPro Studio helped my business qualify for $76,000 in business funding. I purchased the Business Builder Plan. Thanks CreditPro Studio!☺”

Miguel G. ~ Houston, TX

” They removed a judgement that was placed on my credit report in less than 3 months.. CreditPro Studio is the BEST Credit Repair company for Texas! “